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  • Plenary 1
  • 18th IEEE International Pulsed Power Conference

    Chicago, IL June 19-23, 2011
    Dr. Randy D. Curry and Dr. Bryan V. Oliver

    Plenary 1

    Plenary 2

    Erwin Marx Award

    Explosive and Compact Pulsed Power I

    Microwaves I: Microwave and RF Sources and Antennae

    Components I: Insulation and Dielectric Breakdown

    Components posters I: Insulation and Breakdown, Transmission Lines and Diagnostics

    Microwaves posters I: Sources and Antennae, Slow Wave Devices, Systems

    Applications posters I: Fusion, EM, Beam & Lasers

    Explosive and Compact Pulsed Power posters

    Explosive and Compact Pulsed Power II

    Microwaves II: Microwave and RF Sources, Antennae and Systems

    Pulsed Power Systems I: Generators and Networks

    Accelerators and Beams I: LTDs and High Current Accelerators

    Microwaves III: High Power Microwave Devices

    Components II: High Energy Density Storage, Transmission Lines and Diagnostics

    Components posters II: High Energy Density Storage, Opening and Closing Switches

    Microwaves posters II: High Power Microwaves

    Accelerators and Beams posters

    Pulsed Power Systems posters I: Electromagnetic Launch, Generators and Networks, and Lasers

    Radiation Sources I: Z and X-pinches and Lasers

    Applications I: Fusion, EM, Beam, Laser and Space Applications

    Components III: Arc Discharge Switching

    Accelerators and Beams II: High Energy Accelerators, Particle Beams and Free Electron Lasers

    Applications II: General Applications

    Components IV: Solid State Switching

    Radiation Sources posters

    Applications posters II: Medical, Biological, Environmental & General

    Pulsed Power Systems posters II: Repetitive and Single Shot Systems

    Power Electronics posters

    Radiation Sources II: High Power Diodes

    Power Electronics I: Power Electronics and Prime Power

    Pulsed Power Systems II: Electromagnetic Launch and Lasers

    Pulsed Power Systems III: Repetitive and Single Shot Systems

    Applications III: Medical, Biological and Environmental Applications

    Power Electronics II: Modulators and Power Supplies