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  • Plenary Session 1
  • 17th IEEE International Pulsed Power Conference

    Washington, DC June 28-July 2, 2009
    Frank Peterkin and Randy Curry


    Plenary Session 1

    E-Beam Driven X-ray Sources

    Compact Pulsed Power

    Narrow Band and Electron Devices

    HEDP -- Z Pinches

    RF/HPM Systems and Effects

    PSOR: High Current Accelerators

    Explosive Pulsed Power 1

    HEDP -- Applications

    Intense Electron and Ion Beams and Plasmas

    PPSC--closing switches

    PPSC--solid state switches

    Explosive Pulsed Power 2

    Plenary Session 3

    Advanced Dielectrics

    Pulsed Power Systems

    PSOR: Repetitive Pulsed Power and High Current Pulsers

    HEDP, HPM, Charged Particles, Pulsed Power

    Poster 02 Pulsed Power Switches and Components

    Electromagnetic Launchers and Pulsed Power Systems

    Pulsed Power Capacitors


    Breakdown Phenomena in Gases, Liquids & Solids

    O20 ICMA

    Poster 03

    Poster 04

    O21 ICMA

    PPSC--Bulk Optical Switches and Components