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  • Plenary Session 1 Advancing Pulsed Power into the 21st Century
  • 12th IEEE International Pulsed Power Conference

    Monterey, California USA, June 27 - June 30, 1999
    Charles Stallings and H. Kirbie, Editors


    Plenary Session 1 Advancing Pulsed Power into the 21st Century

    Chairperson: Dr. Robert Reinovsky

    Plenary Session 2 Extreme Machines—Ultra-High Peak Power Facilities

    Chairperson: Mr. Mark Newton

    Oral Session 1 Energy Storage Capacitors

    Oral Session 2 Switches—1

    Oral Session 3 Commercial Applications

    Oral Session 4 High-Power Microwaves

    Oral Session 5 Switches—2

    Oral Session 6 Diagnostic and Computational Techniques

    Oral Session 7 Radiation Sources

    Oral Session 8 Special Session on Fast, Solid-State Switching

    Oral Session 9 Pulsed MHD, Inertial Power Gen., Explosive Drivers, Magnetic Field Gen

    Oral Session 10 Lasers

    Oral Session 11 Electric Armaments and Hydrodynamic Experiments

    Oral Session 12 Pulsed Power Components

    Oral Session 13 High Current Accelerators Particle Beams—1

    Oral Session 14 Networks, Generators Insulation and Breakdown

    Oral Session 15 Commercial Applications—Medical Applications

    Oral Session 16 High Current Accelerators Particle Beams—2

    Oral Session 17 Environmental and Biological Applications

    Oral Session 18 Repetitive Pulsed Power

    Poster Session A Pulsed MHD, Inertial Power Generation, Other Pulsed Power Components, Repetitive Pulsed Power, Diagnostics, Computational Techniques, Explosive Drivers, High Magnetic Field Generators

    Session Chair: Mr. John Rauch

    Poster Session B High Current Accelerators, Particle Beams, Radiation Sources, High Power Microwaves, Hydrodynamic Experiments, Lasers

    Session Chair: Mr. Ralph Scheider

    Poster Session C Closing and Opening Switches, Networks/Generators, Electric Armaments, Space Environment, Commercial Applications, Medical Applications, Insulation and Dielectric Breakdown

    Session Chair: Dr. James Dickens