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  • Plenary Session I
  • 5th IEEE International Pulsed Power Conference

    Arlington, Virginia, 1985
    M. F. Rose and P. J. Turchi, Editors


    Plenary Session I

    Chairman: M. Frank Rose Naval Surface Weapons Center

    Session I: Diagnostics

    Chairman: J.E. Thompson University of Texas at Arlington

    Session II: Capacitor Banks

    Chairman: B.H. Bernstein Pulsar Products

    Session III: Gas Discharges I

    Chairman: A.H. Guenther Air Force Weapons Laboratory

    Session IV: Switching I

    Chairman: E.L. Kemp Los Alamos National Laboratory

    Session V: Diodes/Beams

    Chairman: F. Mako Naval Research Laboratory

    Session VI: Pulsers

    Chairman: I.D. Smith Pulse Sciences, Inc.

    Plenary Session II

    Chairman: R.L. Verga Naval Surface Weapons Center

    Session VII: Data and Control I

    Chairman: S. Levy U.S. Army Technology and Devices Laboratory

    Session VIII: MCG/Open Switch

    Chairman: I. Vitkovitsky Naval Research Laboratory

    Session IX: Switching II

    Chairman: A.S. Gilmour, Jr. State University of New York at Buffalo

    Session X: Switching III

    Chairman: T.H. Martin, Sandia National Laboratories

    Session XI: Opening Switch/Fuses

    Chairman: W.L. Baker Air Force Weapons Laboratory

    Session XII: Power Flow/Insulation I

    Chairman: G.A. Huttlin Harry Diamond Laboratory

    Plenary Session III

    Chairman: Peter Turchi R&D Associates

    Session XIII: Data and Control II

    Chairman: B.D. Guenther U.S. Army Research Office

    Session XIV: Diagnostics

    Chairman: A.K. Hyder Auburn University

    Session XV: Gas Discharges II

    Chairman: H.L. Pugh Air Force Office of Scientific Research

    Session XVI: Opening Switch/Diode

    Chairman: R.L. Gullickson U.S. Army Research Office

    Session XVII: Switching IV

    Chairman: W.C. Nunnally Los Alamos National Laboratory

    Session XVIII: Power Flow/Insulation II

    Chairman: F.G. Agee Harry Diamond Laboratory

    Poster Session I: Opening Switch/Breakers- Electric Guns Diodes/ Beams- Pulsed Power for Lasers, µW

    Chairman: T. Gora United States Army, ARDC

    Poster Session II: Inductive Energy- Opening Switch/Gas Discharge and Solid State- Magnetic Switching- Plasma Implosion/Guns- Opening Switch/ Plasma Flow

    Chairman: L.H. Luessen Naval Surface Weapons Center

    Poster Session III: Rotating Machines- Pulsers

    Chairman: J. Shannon Maxwell Laboratories, Inc.