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  • Plenary Session I
  • 4th IEEE International Pulsed Power Conference

    Albuquerque, New Mexico, 1983
    T. H. Martin and M. F. Rose, Editors


    Plenary Session I

    Chairman: T.H. Martin, Sandia National Laboratories

    Session I: ICF/Fusion I

    Chairman: J.P. VanDevender Sandia National Laboratories

    Session II: Mass Drivers I

    Chairman: W. Baker Air Force Weapons Laboratory

    Session III: Diffuse Discharge Opening Switches I

    Chairman: J. Lawler University of Wisconsin

    Session IV: EMP Generators

    Chairman: A. Griffin Air Force Weapons Laboratory

    Session V: ICF/Fusion II

    Chairman: R. Kristal Los Alamos National Laboratory

    Session VI: Mass Drivers II

    Chairman: T. Gora U.S. Army ARRADCOM

    Session VII: Diffuse Discharges and Opening Switches II

    Chairman: R. DeWitt Naval Surface Weapons Center

    Session VIII: Explosive Pulsers/Flux Compression

    Chairman: P. Turchi R&D Associates

    Session IX: Inductive Pulse Power and Fuses

    Chairman: B. Turman Sandia National Laboratories

    Session X: Thyratron Applications

    Chairman: W. Wright U.S. Army ERADCOM

    Session XI: Spark Gaps I

    Chairman: H. Carper Texas Tech University

    Session XII: Capacitor Banks

    Chairman: E. Kemp Los Alamos National Laboratory

    Plenary Session II

    Chairman: M.F. Rose Naval Surface Weapons Center

    Session XIII: Gaseous Breakdown I

    Chairman: J. Proud GTE Laboratories

    Session XIV: Magnetic Switching

    Chairman: L. Reginato Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

    Session XV: Modulators and Power Supplies

    Chairman: W. Nunnally Los Alamos National Laboratory

    Session XVI: Diagnostics/Optical

    Chairman: J. Chang Sandia National Laboratories

    Session XVII: Water Dielectrics

    Chairman: R. Miller Maxwell Laboratories

    Session XVIII: Plasma Opening Switches

    Chairman: R. Reinovsky Air Force Weapons Laboratory

    Session XIX: High Average Power Systems

    Chairman: K. Prestwich Sandia National Laboratories

    Session XX: Diagnostics/Electrical

    Chairman: J. Thompson Univ. of South Carolina

    Session XXI: Homopolar Generators and Inductive Stores

    Chairman: I. Vitkovitsky Naval Research Laboratory

    Session XXII: Gaseous Breakdown II

    Chairman: A. Guenther Air Force Weapons Laboratory

    Session XXIII: Diodes and Triodes

    Chairman: D. Straw Air Force Weapons Laboratory

    Session XXIV: Miscellaneous Concepts/Light Sources, Beams, Energy Storage

    Chairman: H. Pugh Air Force Office of Scientific Research

    Session XXV: Spark Gaps II

    Chairman: A. Hyder Auburn University

    Session XXVI: Transmission Lines and Modeling

    Chairman: D. Hasti Sandia National Laboratories

    Session XXVII: Simulators

    Chairman: B. Bernstein Pulsar Products

    Session XXVIII: Optically Controlled Discharges

    Chairman: G. Schaefer Texas Tech University

    Session XXIX: Components

    Chairman: S. Levy U.S. ARMY ERADCOM

    Session XXX: Rotating Machinery

    Chairman: L. Luessen Naval Surface Weapons Center

    Session XXXI: Dielectric Breakdown and Flashover

    Chairman: J. Sarjeant State Univ. of New York/Buffalo

    Session XXXII: Diffuse Discharges

    Chairman: E. Kunhardt Texas Tech University

    Session XXXIII: Pulsed Power Education

    Chairman: S. Gurbaxani University of New Mexico

    Session XXXIV: Laser Applications

    Chairman: R. Gerber Sandia National Laboratories

    Session XXXV: Vacuum-Metal Vapor Switching

    Chairman: E.E. Nolting Naval Surface Weapons Center

    Session XXXVI: Explosive Driven Opening Switches

    Chairman: D. Conte R&D Associates