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  • Plenary Session I
  • 2nd IEEE International Pulsed Power Conference

    Lubbock, Texas, 1979
    A.H. Guenther and M. Kristiansen, Editors


    Plenary Session I

    Chairman: A. H. Guenther, Air Force Weapons Lab.

    Plenary Session II

    Chairman: A. Kolb, Maxwell Lab.

    Plenary Session III

    Chairman: E. Abramyan, Institute of High Temperatures, USSR

    Session I: Electron and Ion Diodes

    Chairman: R. Detweiler, AF Office of Scientific Research

    Session II: Magnetic Components

    Chairman: K. Freytag, Lawrence Livermore Lab.

    Session III: Power Conditioning I

    Chairman: R. Fontana, Air Force Institute of Technology

    Session IV: Breakdown Mechanisms

    Chairman: R. Fitch, Maxwell Lab.

    Session V: Novel Applications

    Chairman: J. Farber, Defense Nuclear Agency

    Session VI: Power Conditioning II

    Chairman: T. R. Burkes, Texas Tech University

    Session VII: Switching I

    Chairman: B. Bernstein, Physics International

    Session VIII: Accelerators

    Chairman: I. Smith, Ian Smith, Inc.

    Session IX: Power Conditioning III

    Chairman: R. Verga, Air Force Aero Propulsion Lab.

    Session X: Switching II

    Chairman: R. Wasneski, Naval Air Systems Command

    Session XI: Applications I

    Chairman: J. Jansen, Los Alamos Scientific Labs

    Session XII: Inductive and Capacitive Energy Storage Systems I

    Chairman: K. Whitham, Lawrence Livermore Labs

    Session XIII: Switching III

    Chairman: E. Kunhardt, Texas Tech University

    Session XIV: Electro-Mechanical Energy Storage Systems I

    Chairman: P. Turchi, Naval Research Lab.

    Session XV: Inductive and Capacitive Energy Storage Systems II

    Chairman: R. Ford, Naval Research Lab.

    Session XVI: Switching IV

    Chairman: S. Schneider, U.S. Army Electronics Technology and Devices Lab.

    Session XVII: Electro-Mechanical Energy Storage Systems II

    Chairman: W. L. Gagnon, Lawrence Livermore Labs

    Session XVIII: Diagnostics and Miscellaneous

    Chairman: C. J. Jouys, Atomic Energy Commission, France

    Session XIX: Switching V

    Chairman: M. F. Rose, Naval Surface Weapons Center

    Session XX: Applications II

    Chairman: W. Baker, Air Force Weapons Lab

    Session XXI: Vacuum Power Flow

    Chairman: T. H. Martin, Sandia Labs